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Water_Filter_Vacuum_CleanerVacuum cleaners are extremely important to household life. Dust, pollen and other particulates are filling every part of your house invisibly. Though they are small and invisible, what they can cause to your health is ironically not that small. Dust and pollen can be the very likely cause for your allergies and asthma.

Sometime in the part, people invented vacuum cleaners to help remove dust in your home. Tough it is so nice to see the dust on your sofa, curtain, carpet and everywhere of your house, home cleaning with the traditional vacuum cleaners may actually cause even more pollutant with porous bags. Porous bag in traditional cleaners are used to collect the dust and dirt when they are sucked from the carpets and sofa. After you have used the vacuum cleaners for several time, the porous bag becomes less effective as the dust and dirt start to clog the small hole of the porous bag. What happen then is the dust becomes flowing back to your room in different way.

With the invention of the water vacuum cleaner, water is used to capture all the dust and dirt instead of the porous bag. All the dust and dirt once go into the water will not flow back to the air again. According to experimental test, water vacuum cleaners does much better on pollutants control and are releasing less pollutants back the air, therefore less allergies you will find.

Sometimes you will find the vacuum cleaners smell because the air sucked in the vacuum cleaners will circulate inside the heated up motor. For the water vacuum cleaners, the water can help cool the air and therefore less smell is produced.

Some model of the vacuum cleaners actually have fragrance kit which allows you to add in various scent like apple, pine, lemon, etc when you do your home cleaning. With this design, you can really have pleasant smell for your sweet home.

Most of the users will find it painful to clean up the water after vacuum cleaning with the water vacuum cleaners as it is a bit heavy with the dirty water. Also, people may find the size of the water vacuum cleaners can be a little bit bigger than the traditional one. But, most importantly, it gives you real fresh air and no doubt it is worthy for the little trouble.

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Before the Second World War, people used cleaners that are derived from plants and coconut oil was one of the very common ingredients for soap. Afterwards, plant based cleaners have been substituted by fuel oil and chemical products. Though some of the everyday routine can be done more quickly by the fuel oil and chemicals, living environment and more importantly our health are continuously harmed.

To be environmentally friendly and good to your health, the first action you should take is to use natural cleaners or organic cleaners for your house cleaning. Though it is cheaper and healthier to use natural or organic cleaner for household cleaning, you have to pay attention to the following cleaning tips.

(i) Natural or organic cleaner’s dirt removal action is not as quick as chemicals or chemical cleaning products. Usually, you may need to wash over for several times with more power. Of course, for delicate material or stuff, you may wish to wash several times instead of using the power. Though it consumes you a little bit more time, it is certainly worthy to do that.

(ii) When you have decided to make your cleaner natural, do not try to change your cleaning products to natural ones all at once as you may feel pressure. Start to change step by step, maybe from kitchen to bathroom to living room…after several weeks, gather your experience, and you will find it much easier to spread this idea throughout your home and every part of your home cleaning.

(iii) Though unlike ordinary household cleaner, natural cleaner is non-toxic and much safer to use. But surely you will not your children to reach the cleaner when you have perfectly mixed them. It is better to put the natural cleaners that you have made into some kind of bottle that is easily distinguished by children that they are cleaners. You should also put clear note and sign on such bottles. Never try to beverages or food container to contain the natural cleaners. Though as I mention the cleaners are non-toxic, but certainly you will not want your children drink or eat any of these natural cleaners.

(iv) It is so common that when you started to change your cleaning products to natural ones, you will find some of the chemicals left unused. You do not want to throw them away, so you are thinking of mix the chemicals with the natural cleaners. Do not ever try to do this as this not only reduce the cleaning power of the cleaner, but also produce an even more toxic product.

Start to enjoy the benefit of natural cleaners from following the cleaning tips!


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