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Vacuum cleaning is one of the major housework. When you use the powerful upright machine, you will find that it is a pain. It can be difficult to push and pull and you have to drag the machines to new positions all the time. If you do not wish to stop for the limited mobility of your vacuum cleaner, you can consider the backpack vacuum.

Backpack vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that you can put on your back and carry it around your house. As to be put onto your back, backpack vacuums are usually light weighted. With the advantage that you can carry the vacuum cleaner on your back, you can reach high spots easily and can clean small rooms without moving furniture.

Suction power, HEPA filtration, size and weight are the most important factors to consider when buying backpack vacuum cleaners. Stronger suction power gives you more efficient cleaning. HEPA filtration helps trap the small airborne particles. As some models are heavier and bulkier than others, it is important to find a lightweight and ergonomically designed backpack vacuum.

ProTeam QuarterVac Backpack Vacuum and Super QuarterVac HEPA

This model is the first backpack vacuum that produced by ProTeam and yet the best selling one. The suction power is 744W and therefore is not considered to be too powerful. It is of 9 lbs weight and with the padded shoulder straps, you feel light when it is on your back. But it is not a HEPA filtration one, if you due to allergy problem that you wish to buy a vacuum, this may not be your good choice. You can get in at Amazon at around $380.

If you need a HEPA backpack vacuum, you can choose Super QuarterVac HEPA. Super QuarterVac HEPA is a higher end backpack vacuum compared to the ProTeam QuarterVac. Super QuarterVac HEPA is with a stronger suction power of 1188W but only with 1 lb more than the ProTeam QuarterVac. You can get it at Amazon at around $390.

You can also choose Pro-Team QuietPro BP HEPA. Other than the HEPA filtration, this model is extremely quite compared to the QuarterVac and Super Quarter VacHEPA. It only produces 51dB sound level while the QuarterVac and Super Quarter VacHEPA are with sound level of 67-68dB. Its suction power is in between the Quarter VAc and Super QuarterVac HEPA of 864W. It is the heaviest among the three with at 11 lbs. You can get in at Amazon at around $430.

Electrolux SanitaireSC412

Another brand that you may try is the Electrolux Sanitaire. It is slightly heavier compared to the ProTeams at 11.5 lbs. But the suction power is slightly stroner at 1,400W. Therefore it is a strong backpack vacuum for hard-to-reach areas. The sound level is higher than the ProTeams a

t 71dB. This model is less pricy than the Proteam and you can get one at around $300.

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