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Bissell is one of the very well established brands (over 130 years) for different cleaning equipment. The cleaning equipment ranges from vacuum cleaners, deep cleaners, hard surface floor cleaners to sweepers.

There are mainly four models of Bissell hard floor cleaners including steam hard floor cleaners as Steam Mop, Steam Mop DAAAAAkar3EgAAAAAAEfr_weluxe, Quick Steamer MultiSurface, Flip-it, flip-it Select and Versus Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner. We will here review the Steam ones first.

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop

The Steam Mop is selling at around $99.99 for chemical free hard floor steam cleaners as it only uses water. It is in the green tea color. The Bissell steam mops are safe for many hard surface including ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, linoleum floor, etc.

Compared to the traditional hard floor vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners can safely clean and sanitize the floor for one step together. The steam is ready just like your steam iron.

It is light weighted of around 7 lbs yet many users fell it is powerful and easy to clean. Also, users feel that after steaming, the floor dries in seconds and they feel so good with the floor as there was no chemical involved.

As the cleaners will produce steam, therefore, it is not recommended as hard wood floor cleaners as some uses find that the wood floor has been wet for a long time (Actually you should not use water or steam for wood floor!).

Very unfortunately, from the Bissell steam mop reviews, quite a number of people are complaining that it is easily out of order. It stops working, for example no steam produced, after several times of using.

Steam Mop Deluxe

Steam Mop Deluxe like Steam Mop is using water or steam as the cleaning agent, ensuring the chemical free idea. Compared to Steam Mop it is $20 higher priced with cord length 2 feet longer, with maneuverable swivel head and remaining specification similar to Steam Mop. There are more additional tools like deluxe pad, carpet attachment, storage hookBissel_steam_mop_deluxe, etc.

Many users love the product with similar reasons for the Steam Mop and yet still, users are complaining on its function of hardwood floor as it leaves too much water after steaming. Some users are saying they like the mineral blue color of the machine. Around 50% user said they would recommend the Steam Mop Deluxe to their friends. The rating for this Steam Mop Deluxe is even lower than the Steam Mop.

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