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We have talked about the seriousness of mold. Do not be panic, actually everyone has some types of mold somewhere in their home. Though mold can be dangerous, not all kinds of mold are toxic. By just looking at the colors or appearance of the mold, it is extremely difficult to know whether it is [...]


Mold can be common in humid areas. If you have pipe leaking problem or flooding probl
Before learning how to remove black mold, we should grab more understanding on the dangerous black mold itself. Black Mold is a type of fungi which is usually slimy, and greenish-black in color. Black mold can be very dangerous as [...]

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Black mold is the greenish-black fungi. Though most of the people believe the black mod is toxin, not all of them are toxic. Stachybotrys Chartarum is one kinds of the black mold that is extremely toxic and can be lethal to children, the elderly and pregnant women.
There are many causes for the mold formation. But [...]


Windows of the house allow you have a glance of the outside when you feel stressful or tired. But, it is not that good if you are glancing through the dirty ones. Cleaning windows is like every other cleaning job that nobody will like it. By learning the best way to clean windows, you can [...]

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