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Dry cleaning is the process to clean your clothes without water but a solvent. Dry cleaning is best method to clean delicate and detergent damageable garments. Though dry cleaning is common and popular, the solvent is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, some dry cleaners started to use other eco-friendly substitute for the solvents. They are known as the Green Dry Cleaners.

According to studies, around 85% (more than 35,000) dry cleaners in the States use perchloroethylene (“Perc”) as a solvent for dry cleaning.

Perc can be extremely risky to human health and the environment. Minimal contact with Perc can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and irritations.

You may not notice how the harmful power of the solvent, but you should be able to notice some bad things from chemical dry cleaning. You may most often experience color fading and shrinking of clothes. Also, sometimes the “dry cleaning smell” comes out from the bag.

The substitute of chemical solvent is CO2 (carbon dioxide) that you can find in the breathing air. CO2 dry cleaning help solve the fading, shrinking and smelling problem. It also cleans you clothes better and cleaner than any other dry cleaning method. Consumer reports have rated the CO2 dry cleaning superior to the traditional one.

Dry cleaning secret with CO2

CO2 Dry Cleaning uses natural liquid carbon dioxide to clean your clothes and this process has become known as the “green revolution” in dry cleaning industry.

The CO2 gas is captured and pressurized into liquid. The liquid CO2 is able to penetrate into fabrics, dissolve the fats and remove the dirt particles. There will not be any residue leaving onto the garments. The CO2 is then pumped and reuse if possible. Remaining CO2 is then released back to the air.

As the cleaning is done at a cool or room temperature, it is less likely for clothes to shrink or the color to fade.

You may think that using CO2, the greenhouse gas to dry clean may increase the rate of global warming. Actually, CO2 dry cleaning does not add any new CO2 to the environment. Liquid CO2 suppliers recapture the CO2 emitted from manufacturing processes, and recycle such CO2 into the liquid solvent for cleaning clothes.

Green Apple

Green Apple one of the green dry cleaners. Other than just using CO2 to clean clothes, it also adopts a lot of other environmentally friendly policies like Hanger Replacement Program, biodegradable plastic bags and CRD Diesel Sprinters for delivery.

By joining Green Apple now, you can have a 10% discount on your first cleaning!

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