Dryer sheets are tissue-like paper that you put into your dryer to reduce static cling, soften and freshen your clothes, towels and beddings. When clothes tumble inside a dryer, friction causes clothes and towels attract and cling together. Dryer sheet can help solve this problem. Besides, fabric softener dryer sheets also contain chemicals which help to soften clothes and make them wrinkle resistant. Very often, they have nice scents to freshen your clothes.

Snuggle Dryer Sheets
Snuggle is a popular brand for both fabric softeners and dryer sheets. These dry sheets soften your clothes. Most of the emphasis of Snuggle is put on the wide range of fragrance available for its dryer sheets .There are a total of 9 fragrances for you to choose including Blue Sparkle, Green Burst, Orange Rush, Jojoba Essence, Sweet Almond, Peach Blossom and Sunshine Swirl, Melon and Lotus Flower Lift and White lavender and Sandalwood Twist. The nice scent lasts all day long on your clothes.

Downy Dryer Sheets
There are two lines of dryer sheets from Downy, namely the Ultra Downy and Downy Simple Pleasures. Ultra Downy dryer sheets are specially formulated to avoid staining your clothes while Downy Simple Pleasures is not. In addition, the mildness of Ultra Downy makes it suitable for all types of clothing, linens and towels (except baby clothes).

There are three fragrances for Ultra Downy including Clean Breeze, Mountain Spring, and April Fresh. There are another three fragrances for Downy Simple Pleasures including Almond Cream, Orchid Allure and Lavender Serenity.

Gain Dryer Sheets
Like Snuggle, Gain puts most of its emphasis on its scents. There are a total of 4 fragrances available including Original Fresh, Island Fresh, Apple Mango Tango and Spring Lavender. The price of Gain Dryer Sheets is very comparable to Downy, but slightly lower than Snuggle.

Natural dryer sheets
Seventh Generation offers natural dryer sheet for softening and reducing static on your clothes. The softening agent of these dryer sheets is derived from plants. In addition, the brown dryer sheets are made from unbleached paper. Due to its natural properties, it is slightly more expensive compared to Snuggle, Downy and Gain. But some of the customers are complaining on the poor anti-static properties. Also, the smell is not as nice as the chemically fragranced ones!

Reusable Dryer Sheets
Unlike the disposable dryer sheets, reusable dryer sheets reusable and long lasting woven cloths. The softening and static eliminating powers of these reusable dryer sheets are not derived from chemicals but eh weave of the cloth. In addition, they are 100% hypoallergenic and chemical free. Therefore, they are safe for babies and allergy suffers. Of course, it is friendlier to our environment!

Reusable dryer sheets need to be washed every 3 or 4 times to clean off the fibers inside of them. You can use them when they are damp, but you need to give them a rinse in cold water!

Static Eliminator Dryer Sheets
Static Eliminator Dryer Sheets is one of the leading brands that provide reusable dryer sheets. The two odor free dryer sheets work effectively for more than 500 loads. It is hypoallergenic and 100% chemical free. It will not leave any stains on your clothes.

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