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Floor Cleaners – Hoover Review

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Hoover is a very well established brand for machine cleaners. It has been trusted by consumers and businesses as reliable and innovative cleaning solutions since 1908. Hoover offers a comprehensive product line for both general and special-purpose cleaning, including uprights and canisters, deep cleaners and hard floor cleaners. Common models for Hoover dry vacuum cleaners include Hoover H3060, Hoover 3044 and Hoover 3030.

FloorMate SpinScrub with Tools H3060

Hoover H3060 is a very power floor cleaner which you can choose to have vacuum, wet or dry cleaning. It is featured with a SpinScrub brush and 15’ removable nozzle. Design with 32oz dual tank for cleaning solution and pick-up to prevent dirty water from going back to the floor. A portable detail kit with convenient tools like large grout brush, small grout tool, and telescoping wand with swivel nozzle are included. Around 75% or users are satisfied with the product on its cleaning power especially for the pick-up job. A sound will be produced to notify you for the clearing of pick-up compartment. Also users like the wet clean function as the floor dries up much faster than expected. Users dislike the product because the tanks are too small and the cleaning solution recommended can be messy. It is advised not to follow the instruction for cleaning solution instead you may use 1/4 amount instructed with very hot water. Price for this model is $199.99 with 1 year warranty.

FloorMate SpinScrub Widepath H3044

H3044 is with a lot of features similar to H3060 that it can operate as wash, dry and vacuum cleaning. Like H3060, it also has a 15” removable nozzle and dual tanks of 32oz each for cleaning solution and pick-up. The hand weight is 6lb less than H3060 and there is no portable detail kit included. Like H3060, around 75% of users are satisfied with the product on the cleaning power especially on pick-up work. Many users are saying a loud noise is produced when the FloorMate is working. Some of the users think grout cleaning is that effective. The price for this model is again very much similar to H3060 at 186.99 with 1 year warranty.

FloorMate SpinScrub 500

This model is like the above two, designed for wet, dry and vac cleaning for most of the hard surface floors. The nozzle is smaller than the above two as 13”. 32oz cleaning solution and pick-up tank are also available. This model is not bagless. This mode receives a lower rating compared to the above two. Some users are just satisfied for the scrubbing work but not the dry vac work. The pick-up work for FloorMate 500 is as good as the H3004 and H3060. Again, grout cleaning is not that effective. But it also dries the floor quickly. The price of FloorMate 500 is $174.99 with 1 year warranty.

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