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Green Cleaning – Home Deodorant

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Different smell is very where is your house very possibly. You will find the smell in your toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, shoes, etc, but unluckily, not all the smells are good and pleasant. You may find no solution to the disgusting smell but the air refresher or deodorant. The reality is that the bad smell may get even stronger when the air refresher mixed with the disgusting smell. Besides, the air refreshers are usually dangerous in some ways that they are flammable and toxic. What can we do? Is the any natural cleaners that are safe and cheap?

Actually, you casc1n surprisingly find a lot of green cleaning products for your home odor. If you notice the special odor in your toilet, the simplest things to do is to take some used tea bag and dry them under the sun, or, take some orange skin and burn them, which then can act as a great air cleaner for your toilet.

If you find the scent with your refrigerator or inside your house other your toilet, one of the best cleaners is lemon. You may get a lemon, cut it and place it inside your house and refrigerator.

If you find your shoes cabin smelly, you can buy some activated carbon and put them into pantyhose, and then put it into your shoes cabin. This smell cleaner can last for around several months. If you find your shoes smell, do it the same way, but just with smaller amount and put it inside your shoes. You may also try to use tea instead of activated carbon.

For your troublesome rubbish bin, the best cleaner is soda power. Put some soda power under the rubbish bin and you will find the smell goes away easily.

Home refurbishment is a good thing, but the paint smell left behind also causes you great pain. In this case, ordinary air refresher probably can do little help. If you want to get natural odor cleaners for the paint, you do have several choices. Put some cold water with salt, with vinegar or with sliced onion, and place the water inside your house. You will find the smell disappear magically.

For the simplest green cleaning tips to keep your house out of bad smell but fresh air, it is to open your window always to let the fresh air flow in. Also, with the sunshine which actually kills the bacteria in your house. Start from now, clean green!

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