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Green Cleaning Products – Detergent

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Though clean and tidy house is not necessarily your dream house, but it is definitely an important factor for your dream house. Cleaner can be a good helper for your home and the truth is that you are now overflowed by the types of cleaners in the world. Unfortunately, most of them are processing one common characteristic that they are the by-products of fuels, chemicals and additives like stabilizers, bleachers, solvents, etc. When you keep on using these chemicals, you may find yourself suffering a lot from allergies. The most common skin problem is housewife dermatitis, if you want to have a pair of beautiful hand and yet do your million of home cleaning, you must learn to use the green cleaning product that is around you everywhere.

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One of the most tedious housework to most of the housewife is cleaning your dishes. To wash your dishes, do doubt, the first thing to associate is detergent. Detergent is such a good help especially when you see and feel the oil and grease on your plates. But to be careful, not every cleaning products good for your plates is good for your hands. People may tell you that you can wear gloves, but the fact is many people dislike wear gloves when doing the cleaning. So, the best solution is to use the natural cleaner.

For washing dishes, one of  the best green cleaning products is the “Rice Water” after you have washed your rice (before you cook). The Rice Water contains fiber, potassium, starch, etc. The water after washed the rice for the first or second time is slightly or mildly acidic; while the water after washing the rice from the third time is actually a little bit alkaline which is the best cleaning power yet mild enough for your skin. And that is called the Natural Detergent. If you do not have rice at your home, then you may try the water after cooking your noodle.

Not just removing the oil and grease on your plates, the Rice Water can help removing rust from your knife or saucepan if its concentration is high enough.wr

Another secret is, not just cleaning your dishes, the simple green cleaning products are very good nourishment to your skin. Rice water is one of the nourishing cleansers for the Asian people in the old times when there is lotion is not popular in the world.

To save your skin and children, go green cleaning produts today!

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