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Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter is easily neglected to keep clean. Gutter is a very important part of the house which keeps the house clean by draining away waters from the roof. This prevents the house siding windows, doors and foundations from damaging by water. Since the gutter handles water runoff from such a large area, there are usually much dirt and easily dam up. You may find your gutter full of leaves and debris. This would prevent the rainwater from flowing freely. The water may overflow or even pull the gutter loose from the roof due to its weight.  The water that stays in the gutter may also rot the wood or rust the metal and make its usable life shortened.

So now you understand the importance of keeping the gutter clean let’s talk about how to do it. The traditional way is to rent a ladder and do the work yourself. First, you place the ladder securely against the gutter. I recommend you to get a ladder stabilizer for around $30 to help stabilize the ladder. This prevents it from breaking the gutter and more importantly, it prevents you from falling from the ladder.

Second, you can begin cleaning the gutter by scooping out the debris little by little with a narrow trowel. Make sure you work away from the drain outlet to prevent the debris from getting into the drainer. Scoop the dirt into a high quality heavy duty trash bag.

Third, flush the gutters with a water hose. Let water runs through every length of the gutter. Let the hose flush water towards the drainer. Make sure you scoop out all the debris, leaves and break loose the hardened dirt in the gutters before doing this step, otherwise you may get pretty messy, with dirt splattered all over yourself and house.

Lastly, if pipes are stuck and water doesn’t flow freely, you may try to flush the drainpipes with more water and hope that the water pressure drives out the clog. In case of a severe problem, you can try using a plumber’s auger to loosen the clog and get it out from the outlet.

As you can see, if you choose to clean the gutter this way, you need a lot of effort and a lot of different gutter cleaning tool. You may need to get one of the gutter cleaning kits which give you all the gutter cleaning tools you need in one set.

For me, I think that’s too much work. What I would do is to use one of the high tech gutter cleaning equipment. I like this Weed Eater gutter cleaning blower. You can get the whole set for a discounted price of $83.54. It’s a lot easier to just blow off the leaves and debris than climbing up and scooping them out. I would recommend doing this 2 to 3 times a year.

Just using blower doesn’t do the work completely, but it save you the money from calling for gutter cleaning service all the time. If you clean the gutter with blower like I do regularly, you would only need to hire gutter cleaning service once 2 – 3 years.

Gutter guard is also a good method to keep out leaves and debris from getting into your gutters. But make sure the one you get can be easily removed and cleaned.

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