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Keyboard Cleaning

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21st century is the living of technologies and computers. When you use your computer, you need a keyboard most of the time. Keyboard is the thing that you get in touch most of the time and yet it is one of the dirtiest parts of your computer. Dust, dirt, food debris and bacteria are easily accumulated on the keyboard. To keep it operate properly and look nice, you need to clean it regularly.

The first thing to do before cleaning a keyboard is to unplug it. Though every key on the keyboard can be removed for vacuuming, you do not have to do that unless you wish to clean the keyboard super thoroughly. You can simply hold it upside down and shake it to allow dirt and debris coming out. After this process, you may notice there are still quite a lot of dirt and debris trapped in-between the keys. You may need some small tools to help then.

There are several simple tools that are great helpers for computer keyboard cleaning. One of them is keyboard air blower. These little pumps are built with a air blower and a brush. A powerful jet stream of air is pumped out when you squeeze it. Together with the brushing action, you will find it easier to clean keyboard. After removing the debris, you can use cotton buds to clean the areas in-between the keys.

Finally, after cleaning, you need to sanitize the keyboard so that you will not get in touch will germs and bacteria every day on your keyboard. You can wipe clean the keyboard with sanitizer like 90 percent isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag.

Cycer Clean®
If you think going through the above process is still too much for you, you may consider buying a new product specially designed for cleaning keyboard and other small electronics.

Cyber Clean® is a cleaning compound that can gets into all cavities because of its perfect combination of viscosity and elasticity. Its patented formula helps absorb dirt, dust and provides deep cleaning action in the cavities and on the surface by killing germs!
It is super easy to use. You just need to press and pull Cyber Clean® on the surface of your keyboard, and all dirt will be stuck onto the material.
Cyber Clean® has citrus and strawberry smell. Other than removing dust and dirt, it can eliminate 999.999% of germs. There will be no residues left on your keyboard.

There are several packaging for this product. A standard cup size of 4.94oz is selling at around $10; a pop up cup size of 4.8oz is selling at around $8 and a foil zip bag size of 2.65 oz is selling at around $6.5.

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