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So you want to clean your office? Office is a strange place shared by many people with different hierarchy and authorities, so basically for any common tasks done there are done in a different office-optimized way. When it comes to cleaning offices, the same situation happens. First, we need to identify ourselves in the office survival game.

If you are just a small potato in the company, and if your primary goal in the office is to minimize the mistakes you make every day, get away from troubles, reach home safely every day and pay the bills, then you shouldn’t be too concern with the office cleaning problems, I guess.

However, it is still crucial to keep your working domain clean to a certain extent. A clean and tidy workplace improves people’s impression or even attitude towards you. Of course bosses do not want to see a staff whose desk always look like just visited by hurricane. It makes people doubt your organizing skills. Here are something you can do to keep your office clean.

First, you need to systematically handle all the piles of paper, books, documents and files. Feel free to throw away a majority of them, because most of them are useless and outdated while some are extremely important and totally not replaceable. Find a proper place to store them, handle everything to get to your hands organizedly and immediately.

Second, you can start cleaning all the dust and dirt. Start from higher place and work it down. Clean your bookshelves with dusters, then rub your desk with a soft cloth with some suitable spray. Many spray cleaners gives to effect of cleaning, waxing and killing germs. Then your chair and waste baskets and all other things that set on the floor. Finally, clean the floor; get rid of all the visible rubbishes. I guess there are a office helper who vacuum the floor regularly. If not do it yourself at least once a week.

If you are the boss, of course you don’t do office cleaning jobs yourself. You are the boss, you could ask someone else to do it. Once in a while, you should hire some office cleaning companies to clean the whole place thoroughly. A good office cleaning company could offer many office cleaning services which none of your staff can do well. These may include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, deep office cleaning service, specialized hardware cleaning for computers & peripherals, washroom hygiene, etc. One other important thing to do is to clean the air conditioners and the central ventilation. This ensures the health of your staff and reduces sick leaves. Bacteria and virus can travel through ventilation and cause multiple people to get cross infected.

Look for some of the larger commercial office cleaning business, they usually offer better and more professional service. Get a free quote and compare their prices. Keeping the workplace pleasant is your responsibility, boss. By the way, use ergonomic office furniture please. I thank you in advance on behalf all your staff. Also, consider pink office supplies, they make working more pleasurable, according to unofficial statistics.

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