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Pool Cleaners and Review

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It is always nice to a swimming pool at home. But it is only true if the swimming pool is clean. To clean you’re your swimming pool is very different from cleaning your house which a lot of work can be done manually. To clean a swimming pool, the best way to do is to clean with swimming pool cleaners.

Automatic pool cleaners are electricity driven, which clean the pools by scrubbing, sweeping, filtering, vacuuming and collecting dirt and debris from the swimming pools. Basically, pool cleaners are divided into in-ground or above ground pools versus suction ones, pressure ones and no pressure ones. There are no numerous brands of robotic pool cleaners available on the market like other cleaners. We here review the functions and qualities of several common brands.

Polaris Pool Cleaners

Polaris is a well established brand for over 40 years for full line of cleaners, pumps and filters and water purifier. It can be said with the largest number of model of pool cleaners among all other brands. Prices of Polaris Pool Cleaners range from around $199 to $1,298 for suction ones, pressure ones and no pressures ones.

Many of the users have highly rated the in-ground pool cleaners while above ground pool cleaners are having lower ratings. Users are very much pleased with its cleaning power and the speed of cleaning. Polaris Pool Cleaners are said to have excellent filtration power and inexpensive to operate (save chemicals). Most of the people point out the bad point for Polaris is the poor connection between the pump and the hose.

Hayward Pool Cleaners

Hayward is another well established pool equipment company for over 80 years. There are not as many models as Polaris. Prices for Hayward Pool Cleaners are generally lower compared to Polaris ranging from $135 – $749 with most of the models under $400.

Hayward is generally not rated as high as Polaris. Like Polaris, users commented Hayward can be considered cleaning fast and with good filtration. Quite some of the users are complaining Hayward as easily broken and is expensive to replace the parts.

Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Dolphin Pool Cleaners are manufactured by Maytronics Ltd which holds ISO9002 approval.

The general rate is roughly the same as Hayward. Users commented Dolphin Pool Cleaners are easy to use and with great filtration power while the speed is on average. Some of the users do really complaining about the cleaning power that it leaves dirt patches while most of the complains are for the poor climbing ability on walls.

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