If you have a swimming pool, the most important job for you is to keep it clean, not only the surrounding clean, but also the water clean. If you want to keep your pool clean, you need pool pumps. Water pump is the centre of the whole pool circulation and filtration system.

When determining which swimming pool pump to buy, you must know a term called gallon per minute (GPM) or gallon per hour (GPH). Another common term is HP which stands for hose power. Hose power gives you the idea of pump size. Most of the time, you can get a chart or some type of guideline from each brand to help you choose the correct size of pool pump for you.

Hayward Pool Pumps

Hayward is a well established brand for many different swimming pool products like swimming pool heat pumps. The Hayward swimming pool pumps are featured at:

- Heavy-duty, high performance motor with integrated automatic thermal overload protector;

- Heat-resistant, double-sized seal;

- Durable, corrosion-proof housing made of high performance reinforced thermoplastic material;

- Clear “see-thru” cover lets you see when basket need cleaning;

- Over-sized strainer basket has extra leaf-holding capacity that will extend time between cleaning;

- Maximum performance Noryl impeller with extra-wide openings to prevent clogging by leaves and debris.

There are three lines that you can find with Hayward, Power-Flo LX, Power-Flo II and Power Flo Matrix.

Power-Flo LX is the basic line among the three. It incorporates most of the above features. It is suitable for above ground and on ground swimming pools. For

Power-Flo II, other than the basic features, it also has the self-priming function, which is future insured by the unique and integral diffuser. It is suitable for in ground, above ground pools, fountain, small marine aquarium and pond.

Power Flo Matrix is a superior above ground or on ground pool pump. With a single push of a button, you can convert from a vertical to a horizontal discharge orientation. It has the industry’s largest strainer basket for collection of large debris.

Intex Pool Pump

Intex filter pumps range from $39.99 to $259.99 in price. The lowest price 530 Krystal Clear Filter Pump can be used for 8′, 10′, and 12′ Intex pools that have hose connections. It has a 530 GPH. 1500 Krystal Clear Filter Pump can be used with 18′ pools. It has a 1500 GPH. It is selling at $99.99. The most expensive model 4000 Krystal Clear Filter Pump can be used with 18’ or above swimming pool.

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