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Steam Cleaning

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Steam cleaning is the use of steam generated from water to do the cleaning job.

Water is heated to be vapor or steam which breaks the bond that ties the surface of the dirt and stain.

Though steam clean involves water, it is not necessarily mean it is always wet. Actually there is a dry sytem for steam cleaning, which allows the upholstery to dry quickly. You may only use a towel or cloth or wipe clean the areas after steam cleaning.

Impossible to reach area

There can be tiny pores in much stuff like carpet, cushion and other upholstery and even floor. If you just use a duster or a cleaning rug or even vacuum cleaner, you may not actually clean the dirt if it gets into the holes.

With steam cleaning, you can let the steam get into the holes and uplift the dirt for your further scrubbing or wiping. This can save a lot of your time and your power.

Green cleaning

Many people know the fact that cleaning chemicals can be bad to their health and the environment. But in order to have the house completely clean, they do not have a choice.

Actually, steam cleaning is the idea that allows you use less or even no chemicals for cleaning. The steam not only cleans but also sanitizes. The steam can reach 200 Fahrenheit which can get rid of the germs and bacteria. Also, without chemicals, you do not need to smell the chocking or stinging smell.

Suitable for most of the areas

Steam cleaning is considered as a mild and effective cleaning method. The meaning of mild is not to describe the cleaning power. It means it does not cause damage to most of the areas. You can use it for carpet steam cleaning or floor steam cleaning. The other good point for steam cleaning is during the process of the cleaning, the stains and odor (like caused by pet’s urine) can also be removed. It is also a good idea to use steam cleaning as the final cleaning and sanitizing procedures for mold removal. Sanitization is a very important procedure for mold removal as it helps kill the invisible spores.

Home steam cleaning saves you money and brings to you and your family a lot of benefits especially on health. Also, it saves the environment by using less chemicals. Try it now!

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