Every house has a toilet. As important as the toilet, every house should have a toilet brush and holder. Toilet brushes nowadays not only emphasize on usefulness but also fashion and many other features. Usually, the brush sets are made of plastic, stainless steel, ceramic and even bamboo. Most of the toilet bowl brush and toilet brush holder together cost you about $20. Several types and brands are more popular than other and we will explore more below.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel toilet brush and holder looks really cool and elegant compared to brush made of other materials like rubber or wood. Users of stainless steel brushes find the brushes more long lasting and more hygienic than the plastic ones. Unfortunately, the ratings for the stainless steel brushes vary a lot. For some poor quality ones, users are actually complaining for a rusting problem. Of course stainless steel ones generally cost more than the plastic ones around $40 or plus.


Plastic toilet brushes are the most common ones. Plastic toilet brushes are cheap to buy and therefore people do not actually choose a plastic toilet brush. They just throw the brush away when it does not work or when it becomes dirty. Actually, plastic ones now available in the market can also have many different features. One of the popular brand, Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brushes offer automatically open canister, flexible neck, curve toilet brush, etc. Many of the users rate highly. Users are satisfied with the cleaning power, the design and the quick dry feature with the air holes on the canister. Ordinary rubber toilet brush costs around $7 while Oxo toilet brush costs more at around $20.

Disposable Toilet Bowl Brush

Recently, TV commercials or other advertisement are selling disposable toilet bowl brushes. There is no canister for this type of toilet brush as you simple throw the scrubber away after. The best idea for disposable toilet brush is the super hygienic. Brands of disposable toilet bowl brushes like Clorox and 3M can achieve 99.9% disinfection. Some people do not like the disposable ones as they think the disposable ones are simply too expenses. The plastic ones cost around $7-$10 and can be used for quite a period of time. The disposable ones can cost around $3 for 6 scrubbers. Some users also think the disposable scrubbers cannot clean as good as the traditional ones.

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