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Tub Scrubber and Shower Scrubber

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Product Recommendations! Cleaning the bathtub and shower can be a time and effort consuming task because of the stains, soap scum and the hard-to-reach areas. If you have well decided to clean the tub and shower thoroughly, you may scrub heavily or brush with a toothbrush carefully. But, these are definitely painful! Now, you may choose to have more effective cleaning tools from Scotch-Brite!

Shower & Bath Scrubber
This scrubber is composed with a heavy duty extendable handle and a non-scratch scrubber. The extendable handle allows you to clean all the way up to the ceiling as well as all the way down to the floor without bending over to far or trying to stand on tip-toe. The non-scratch scrubber is replaceable. It cleans perfectly and leaves no scratch on almost every kind of surfaces. With the handle it makes it easier to scrub some areas without having to bend over to far or trying to stand on tip-toe to reach them. Users commented that it takes soap sum off easily with little elbow grease required, but, the head is not flexible enough to reach the curved areas.

Non-Scratch Tub Scrubber
This tub scrubber is designed with a foam handle which is soft and conformable. As it is made of foam, it is very light in weight. Its unique cut-out on the back allows it to conform to the curves and fixture of the tub easily. You just need to move it up and down the tub. The non-scratch scrubber removes build-up without scratching. Users like the product because it is very easy to use and hold and yet it gets rid of dirt and soap scum easily without a lot of scrubbing. In addition, it is mild enough for your hands that you need not to wear gloves.

Nook & Cranny Scrubber
This Nook & Cranny Scrubber is specially designed to clean the small spots in your showers and tubs. The three hook shaped tip design allows you to clean every small spots and various fixtures, faucets and other hand-to-reach areas. Most importantly, it is no-scratch and yet removes build up effectively. With this tools, there is no more time consuming brushing with the tooth brushes.

Grout Scrubber
This grout scrubber is specially designed to fit into the grout perfectly for removing dirt and grime from the grout line. You just need to move it up and down the grout in your shower, bath and even floor. Users like the effectiveness of this product on their deep grout lines which are impossible to be cleaned by other tools. This grout scrubber gets to the bottom of the grout lines and just cleans the dirt.

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